We won the Chingay 2016 Best Audience Contingent Award

Hurray! We won the Best Audience Contingent Award at Chingay Parade Singapore 2016

Chingay Parade Singapore is a national event and the largest street performance and float parade in Asia. From the main parade site to the heartlands, this street extravaganza epitomises the dynamism of Singapore's vibrant and multicultural society.

The Audience Contingent Award aims to recognise organised groups of audiences for their cheers and efforts to engage on-site audiences at the parade and enhance the celebratory mood and audience experience.

Our teachers Diane Parkins and Andrea Woolhead represented British Council at Chingay Parade Singapore 2016 Award-cum-Appreciation Night on Tuesday 8 March – our resilience in the face of three hours of downpour was rewarded with our own award! Well done to all our students at our myClub Student Outing, especially the Arend-Heidbrinck and Migozzi families for their enthusiastic cheering throughout.