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Many global companies now list English as their common corporate language to ease communication and performance across geographically diverse parts of the business. For example, an Indian colleague may be making deals with a Chinese partner while working for a French company in Switzerland. This is the future of business.

At the British Council Singapore, our students are successful working professionals from around the world who wish to ensure their working futures. Over 1.75 billion* people now speak English confidently, and our students are ensuring they are in this club.

We have courses to suit the differing levels, backgrounds and needs of our students; from short and flexible workshops to longer, more comprehensive courses

Business English: Pre-intermediate to Advanced levels

This is the course to do if you are a foreign language speaker and want to improve ALL aspects of your English, your speaking, reading, listening, writing, grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary while focusing on business topics each week. We use a course book and provide you with revision quizzes to check your learning in each of our 12-week modules.

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BEST – Business English Skills Training: 2 to 4 levels (SkillsFuture credit)

This course is written to focus on common issues and differences between standard English and local variations in Singapore. If you are Singaporean or Malaysian and working in a professional environment, you can choose from our 12-week Grammar and Writing or 12-week Speaking and Pronunciation modules. You will have the opportunity to participate in guided assessments such as writing reports or giving presentations, to help you become more confident when communicating to colleagues and customers from different English backgrounds. Both modules are SkillsFuture credit applicable too. 

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Business Confidence: A suite of short courses

This suite is designed as a series of workshops, at two different levels, mainly for Singaporeans and Malaysians.

Effective Communication at Work is a Pre-Intermediate Foundation level course focusing on the 50 most common spoken and written differences between Singaporean common English and standard English daily interactions for customer-facing professionals.

The Confident Communicator is an Advanced level course to develop a deeper understanding of successful communication techniques for managers and executives, focused on informal and formal spoken communication contexts such as networking, pitching ideas and presenting with impact.

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* Press Reader: You need to go back to school to re-learn English

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Claire Firat, Head of Adult Learners, British Council Singapore

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