myClass and myClub

British Council was established in Singapore in 1947 so we have a long history of being at the heart of language learning on the red dot. This doesn’t mean we are not always striving to improve the way we teach. 

Last year we introduced myClass in answer to our students’ requests for a flexible language course. In myClass, a student buys lesson credits, then goes online to book each class depending on their schedule or need or preferred teacher. This means busy people no longer have to miss a fixed schedule class; they choose which classes they can attend. myClass offers our students a unique chance to meet new people, experience a range of teachers and enjoy a 90-minute lesson with clear learning goals. Every 10th lesson, myClass students are offered a free 20 minute assessment with a teacher. Wow! 

We didn’t stop there. We know that you want more opportunities to engage with language in a relaxed setting and a friendly student community to motivate you. Last year we also introduced an exclusive club, called myClub, for British Council students. We offer a comprehensive calendar of free daily workshops, social events and excursions that students can attend to improve their English and widen their friendship circles. From Grammar Doctors, to Coffee and Conversation, to Cycling Excursions, there is something for everyone in myClub.