British Council Singapore now offers ‘myClass’ and ‘myClub’ classes! Claire Firat, Head of Adults, presents myClass and myClub learning programmes. Both programmes were successfully introduced and have revolutionised the way language courses are delivered.

Which area has the greatest demand for adult education in English language?

Apart from the constant demand for preparations for the Cambridge English examinations and for Business English, there is also a great demand to learn English for everyday use.

Do you mean there is a greater demand to learn spoken English?

Yes. Many people living in Singapore have relocated from non-English speaking countries. Upon their arrival in Singapore, they find themselves suddenly having to speak English frequently throughout the course of their day. Be it shopping or dining, in casual conversations at home, conversing with the air-con repairman, or conversing with the doctor, English is the common language used in Singapore. Therefore, being able to understand and speak English is vital to day-to-day life in Singapore. 

What special requirements do the students have regarding the courses of today?

These days, people have busy schedules. Their days are packed with activities ranging from business meals to daily routines with their children. It is often impossible for students to plan fixed schedules for the days ahead. With this in mind, the learning concept for myClass revolves around flexibility. Each student is able to decide for himself/herself, how fast and which topics he/she would like to learn. This concept appeals greatly to students as they can take charge of their own learning and furthermore, learn at the pace which they are comfortable with. This makes learning comfortable and natural instead of forced and rushed. 

myClub – that sounds more like leisure than learning!

Yes and no. myClub is both. We want to provide a relaxed learning environment where students support each other by sharing their experiences of learning English with each other. This will help students improve their English skills as well as enlarge their circle of friends. myClub has a calendar of events, which is brimming with a wide choice of events which students can participate in to get to know more about each other and learn together. And these events are free-of-charge for students of the British Council. Workshops, events and excursions are offered every day; from Grammar doctor’ to ‘Coffee and conversation’ to museum visits and bicycle excursions, there's something for everyone in myClub.

That’s great, are children allowed to join?

Unfortunately that’s not possible. myClub has been designed exclusively for students of British Council Singapore’s adult education. However, since we are on the topic of children, we do offer playful learning courses for children of preschool age, featuring two adorable plasticine figure characters from the TV series: ‘Shaun, the sheep’. The course is named ‘Learning Time with Shaun and Timmy’ and is well-liked by young children.

Student testimonials

‘My favourite time is the time of activities in myClub. I can make lifelong friends from around the world!’ – Svetlana Voropaeva

‘I find that myClass is a great deal. The timing is flexible, which allows me to schedule my lessons in a way that suits me best.’ – Sarina Chen

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