An interview with myClass student - Sarina Chen

Just a short while ago, the British Council Singapore held a weekend dialogue session and the turnout was really encouraging! Besides sharing about the various courses which the students were keen to know more about, we also held a #Shakespeare450 Photo Contest in celebration of Shakespeare’s 450th anniversary of his birth.

All of the talk participants were presented a pair of donkey ears from Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream’ production sponsored by ABA Productions, where they could then take a fun shot of themselves wearing the donkey ears and share it on their Sina Weibo accounts for a chance to win shopping vouchers. One of our lucky winners, Sarina Chen, has even signed up for a myClass course already!

After the session, we managed to have a short chat with Sarina. She shared with us some of the struggles of using English in her daily work and also what she thought about the myClass course. 


Our short interview with Sarina:

How long have you been in Singapore? What are some of your hobbies or likes?

I’ve been here five years. I enjoy travelling, outdoor activities, singing and reading.

Before you came to Singapore, did you consider taking courses to further improve your English?

Yes. The environment in China is not conducive for learning and practising English, so I've always wanted to take a course to improve my English.

What do you think are some of the issues foreigners face in using English in everyday situations?

If their work environment is an English speaking environment, their English standard should improve quickly. On the other hand if they are working in a non-English environment, they will find that they will have difficulty in improving their standard of business English.

In your own daily life and work, what are some of the difficulties in expressing yourself using English?

Most of my colleagues are Chinese, but when I am faced with the occasional English customer, discussing market information becomes very difficult, especially conversations over the telephone.

What are some of the factors that make you interested in courses offered by the British Council Singapore?

I think the myClass is a great option as the class timing is flexible, this allows me to fit my classes according to my own spare time.

You have signed up for a myClass course, what do you want to learn or in what areas do you hope to improve?

I really hope to improve my business English.

You currently have attended a few classes, right? How is the experience? Any thoughts you would like to share?

I enjoy the classes and hope that the teachers can allow more time for students to practice conversations with each other.

When you complete the course, what is the first thing you would like to do?

I hope to have more opportunities to talk to others about the great content I have picked up during the lessons.


After reading what Sarina had to say, are you keen to find out more about the courses or sign up for myClass? Find out more here