The Arts & Disability Forum 2016 successfully concluded with UK and Singapore speakers inspiring change.

We look forward to the Forum in 2017. 

Arts & Disability Forum 2016: Shaping Perspectives, Enabling Opportunities
co-organised by the British Council, National Arts Council & Singapore International Foundation.

Date: 29 to 31 March 2016 
Venue: National Gallery Singapore

The Forum aims to bring together arts practitioners, social sector and healthcare professionals in the disability sector, stakeholders and policymakers to: 

 · Broaden knowledge base and perceptions through cultural exchanges between UK and Singapore
·  Raise awareness for the arts and its potential for the disability sector in Singapore
·  Learn to harness the arts and culture to shape a more inclusive society together
·  Exchanging ideas and practices to seed meaningful collaborations for artistic development in the disability sector

Hear from Singapore practitioners and partners including Quek Ling Kiong, Alecia Neo, Jean Qingwen Loo, Michael Cheng and Rainbow Centre. Distinguished UK guests Jo Verrent (UK) and Claire Cunningham (UK), and Shape Arts will deliver insights into the UK's arts and disability sector.

Panel discussions, interactive dialogue sessions and an exhibition tour will also complement the presentations to encourage cross-learning and participation by all attendees. 

*Participants who wish to increase disability confidence in their organisations should consider attending the full-day Disability Equality Training workshop  by Shape Arts  on 31 March. This interactive training session is designed to build knowledge and awareness of disability in arts, cultural and heritage spaces, focusing on programming and spatial accessibility.

There is a $150 cost to the workshop. 

For enquiries, contact:

*Forum schedule subject to change.