By Sze Foong, Teacher Trainer, British Council in Singapore

06 July 2018 - 12:52


British Council

We ran our third CELTA Online course in the first half of 2018, and are happy to report a 100% Pass rate!

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Here is what our candidates had to say:

The tutors

The tutors were exacting and sought to give genuinely useful feedback in order to help us to significantly improve in the limited timeframe we had.

Offered very useful insights and would always be at hand to provide teaching/logistics support. Trainees were made to feel that they were in good hands.

Support in lesson planning and feedback

The assisted lesson planning sessions were very helpful as I had the opportunity to clarify doubts and ask for feedback on the lesson plans I had in mind. Feedback given was useful in providing me with tips and ideas on how I can carry out more efficient, effective and engaging lessons.

Done in an orderly manner. Areas to improve, areas that I had to maintain, and good points to bring home were all identified and explained clearly.


Very useful books in the CELTA library. This was especially important as certain titles were sold out at local bookstores and/or unavailable at public libraries.

Observations of experienced teachers

It was awesome! All the observations (both live and recorded) were wonderful. There was so much to learn and ‘steal’ from each lesson and every lesson was just amazing. It helped me a lot in my planning of my lessons as well.

The course as a whole

I thought the course was excellent: thorough, organised and challenging. Our tutor was always available if we had questions, and quick to respond by email. It’s my first experience of an online course and was a very positive one!

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Sze has been a CELTA trainer for over 10 years, and a teacher of English as a foreign language since 1999. She has worked in a variety of contexts – teaching writing to PhD students in Kunming; teaching and training in language schools in Katowice, Budapest and Bangkok; freelance training in Zurich, New York and Palma de Mallorca; and delivering workshops to state primary school teachers in Singapore.