By Singapore Teaching Centre, British Council

12 June 2023 - 09:00

Five benefits of English language summer camps

Summer camps are a great way to combine fun and education and an excellent way for your children to develop their skills when learning English during the holidays. Children have the opportunity to delve into interesting topics each week and interact with others as they learn in a social setting. Here are five benefits of summer camps in Singapore.

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1. Engaging holiday activities

Summer camps are designed to keep your children academically stimulated during the holidays. The curriculum set during these weeks incorporates a variety of engaging activities that not only entertain but also promote scholarly growth.

2. Learn while having fun

One of the many advantages of summer camps is the fusion of learning and enjoyment. These camps allow Young Learners to enhance their English language skills in a fun, relaxed environment, making the learning process more enjoyable and effective.

3. Opportunity for social interaction

Summer camps provide the perfect platform for your child to interact with peers from diverse cultural backgrounds. This interaction develops their confidence and conversation skills in a safe, supportive environment. It will also prepare them for the real world as they’ll be applying their learned knowledge in natural conversations. 

4. Immersive themed weeks

The style of teaching at summer camps often features immersive-style themed weeks to help your child to grasp important concepts and broaden their vocabulary. With this style of teaching, each week is dedicated to a unique theme, offering a comprehensive learning experience that extends beyond traditional classroom lessons.

5. Beyond language skills

Summer camps offer holistic learning with lessons that expand your child's mind by introducing them to new and exciting concepts in a secondary language. This also develops their critical thinking skills and can inspire new and creative thinking.

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Summer 2023 Study Camps

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