By Singapore Teaching Centre, British Council

23 February 2020 - 21:02

Student using laptop with headphones

Ever wondered what the CELTA Online course is and whether it’s the right course for you? Then see below! Does this describe you?

1. You’ve always wanted a well-recognised language teaching qualification but haven’t had time.

Many people who are looking for an internationally respected qualification in English language teaching come across Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) in their research. Awarded by the Cambridge Assessment English (part of the University of Cambridge in the UK), CELTA is usually an employment requirement in quality English language teaching institutions in Singapore and overseas. However, if you’ve discounted this possibility in the past because you couldn’t afford to take four weeks (full-time) or ten weeks (part-time) out of your schedule, then CELTA Online is a reason not to give up on your dreams! Read on.

2. You need to work around a busy personal or professional life.

CELTA Online is a different mode of studying for the exact same qualification, with improved flexibility for people who are currently working, or who have family lives with lots of to-ing and fro-ing. The first half of the course is conducted entirely online, so you can choose when and where to study. You can do a bit every day or spread the work out into a few substantial periods of work, be in a café or in your bedroom, work first thing in the morning, during lunch, or late into the night. Whatever suits you!

As with all CELTA courses, there is a face-to-face teaching practice component, but with CELTA Online it’s cut down to just three mornings a week (8.30 a.m. - 1.00 p.m.) over a 4-week period. This means you can still keep up with your personal and professional commitments in the afternoons and off-days while completing the face-to-face portion in the shortest possible time. 

Note: It will still be an intensive four weeks for the face-to-face component and we recommend that you scale back your hours during this period if possible, so you can concentrate on your lesson planning.  

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3. You want to have a solid knowledge base before stepping into the classroom.

Unlike the full-time and part-time courses, you do a substantial amount of learning about teaching techniques and planning frameworks before you begin teaching practice, including getting feedback from your peers and your online tutor on your ideas and language analysis. We’ve found that this helps a great deal in delivering more confident and effective first lessons!

4. You’re independent and like to work at your own pace.

CELTA Online is an ideal mode for people who are well-organised and like finding their own way to do things. For example, you may like working through tasks in your own time, pausing to research a particular language item or teaching technique elsewhere before continuing, taking more time to develop a well-considered response in the discussion forums, or moving through certain topics more quickly thanks to prior learning and experience. 

5. You’re internet-savvy and enjoy a mix of online and face-to-face interaction.

If yu’re used to studying online or you’re very active on social media, you’ll enjoy the fact that CELTA online has its own dedicated learning platform, where you can connect synchronously and asynchronously with your peers and tutors even before the course starts, and participate in a wide variety of tasks including discussions, quizzes, videos, and pair and group work tasks. So even though a lot of the course involves working independently and at a distance, you have plenty of chances to interact, ask questions, and share your thinking – as well as weekly video conferences to add some face-to-face motivation. And that makes it all the more fun when you do meet in real life for your teaching practice!

CELTA Online is currently being offered at the special rate of S$5,700. The next course runs from 17 August 2020. Please note this will be the only online course running this year, and that British Council in Singapore is the only institution in the region to offer CELTA Online, so don’t miss your chance! 

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