By Singapore Teaching Centre, British Council

28 November 2022 - 10:00

Four exciting themes for our Winter 2022/2023 English camp

This winter, why not give your child the opportunity to learn about the world beyond English skills? Our weekly Study Camps offer a fun, engaging and confidence-building experience for all ages. Here are some of the new themes we’ll be exploring this year.

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Weekly camp highlights

Early Years: Travelling Back to Earth

Children are born with innate curiosity and a natural sense of wonder. Our exciting space-themed camp will introduce little ones to a fascinating world of planets and stars, developing their creativity and imagination as they travel through this glittering expanse. Through their enjoyment, they will lead the way to improve in their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, while they gain new knowledge of our amazing solar system. 

Lower Primary: Writing is Fun

Designed for Primary 1 and 2, this camp is a ‘personal writing week’ to help your child grow in confidence. They’ll practise writing fiction and non-fiction narratives on topics they love, with guidance from our friendly and experienced teachers. Our holistic approach includes reading, listening and speaking exercises to build descriptive writing skills, in a supportive and nurturing environment. This is a wonderful chance to boost your child’s creativity, academic performance and love of putting pen to paper.

Upper Primary: Let’s Explore/Smart Ideas

This week, Upper Primary learners will dive into a range of engaging topics with real-world application. They’ll explore fun and challenging scenarios, from writing and acting out a scene about getting help from the emergency services, to making a recording to help a classmate navigate their surroundings without looking. Through stimulating and interactive activities, children will expand their vocabularies, build confidence in collaboration, develop critical thinking skills and much more.

Secondary: Going Viral

We want Secondary students to achieve academic success, while developing the 21st century competencies that will help them thrive beyond their school years. Our aim is to help young learners develop a global mindset, built upon critical thinking, creativity, confidence and resilience. This camp challenges participants to engage deeply with timely topics such as fake news and responsible consumerism, generating lively discussions and persuasive skills. The class will complete writing tasks and presentations to demonstrate what they have learned in this dynamic and stimulating week.

Learn more on Winter 2022/2023 Study Camps

About our Winter 2022/2023 Study Camps

Winter 2022/2023 Study Camps run for eight weeks from 21 November. Starting every Monday, each week is a complete, stand-alone camp with a different theme, explored in a range of interactive and experiential activities. You can register your child for as many weeks as you wish. 

Available for Early Years, Primary and Secondary students (aged four to 16), our camps are suitable for all children who wish to learn English in a safe, fun and supportive environment, from beginners to advanced learners. Smaller class sizes allow for plenty of individual attention and guidance from our internationally qualified, experienced and professional teachers. Just as importantly, your child will be provided with opportunities to work together with their peers, developing invaluable socio-personal skills and a greater curiosity for their wider environment. Sign up for a Winter English study camp today.