By Teacher Development team, British Council in Singapore

23 February 2016 - 11:30

Our Blog Writing Competition 2015 has come to an end! We would like to thank everyone for your enthusiatic participation in this contest. 

Please enjoy one of the winning stories, submitted by Raymond Koh.  

"Getting the best out of my students is like flying kites. There is a need to find the right place and right time for every individual to soar. The kites may come to me in different shapes and sizes, damaged or made of quality materials. My goal is to get all of them to fly as high and as long in the sky as possible. 

The toughest challenge is in the beginning. It demands loads of patience and encouragement to get the kite airborne. Every kite has the ability to fly. Some may require multiple tries while others can get off the ground earlier. My responsibility is to constantly improve my professional skills to get even the smallest and heaviest kite to fly to its maximal potential. 

During the flight, some kites may drift away while others decline due to setbacks. There are also times when the kites are not confident to move higher. These observations would signal for appropriate pulling of the line to move them in the desired direction and to increase their altitude. Eventually, my role is to get them to learn that “the kite will rise highest against the wind, not with it – Winston Churchill”."  

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