By Singapore Teaching Centre, British Council

25 July 2022 - 10:00

Communication Skills for Managers

To progress in your career, it’s important to define timely goals for yourself. They might be as specific as consistently hitting the targets agreed with your manager, negotiating a higher salary, or leading your own team. But if you’re just starting out or you’re at a career crossroads, they could be more general aspirations, like securing a new role or moving into a different industry. Either way, one of the best ways to drive your aims forward is to be proactive in your self-development.

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The importance of upskilling

Upskilling has always been of value to companies and employees, but during challenging times such as those we have experienced in recent years, continuous learning is vitally important. In our fast-changing world, keeping pace with new business needs requires us all to sharpen our skills. Those who do will find themselves at a competitive advantage in an increasingly fierce job market, ready to step up to managerial roles when presented with the opportunity.

What if I don’t know which skills to develop?

If you would like to take on more responsibility at work but you’re not sure which skills your employer is looking for, have a conversation. This is a great starting point for your career advancement; it will show your boss you have ambition and you want to be an asset to the company. 

If you’re actively looking for a new position, study the job descriptions of the roles you are excited by. Could you be a better candidate? Can you demonstrate the qualities they are looking for by taking a course? Use any unsuccessful interviews as an opportunity to better yourself by asking for constructive feedback, and act on it. Addressing areas for improvement will boost your confidence and demonstrate impressive self-awareness.

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Top skills to develop

Writing better emails

Small changes to the way we work and communicate can lead to big leaps in performance. Whether you are sending a speculative job enquiry to a potential employer or your current role requires you to write several emails a day, learning how to get your message across effectively can save you time and achieve positive responses.

Clear communication

Do you sometimes find you struggle to make yourself understood at work? Being able to code-switch between Singlish (or another local dialect) and English could be the key to advancing in your career. If you work in a customer service role, consider a course or workshop in effective workplace communication that will help you to excel in areas where you might be lacking in confidence.

Grammar for business

Grammar helps to convey meaning, so when it is used inaccurately, it can lead to unfortunate miscommunications. Simply by learning the common grammar mistakes to avoid and some essential rules, you will find that you achieve your objectives faster and make a more professional impression with your writing.

Success with presentations

It’s remarkably common to feel nervous about giving presentations, but the right tools can make a huge difference to your ability to connect with an audience and project confidence. Learning key presentation skills will make you a more competent public speaker, equip you with improved interview techniques, help you get results and enhance your self-esteem. 

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