By Teacher Development team, British Council in Singapore

06 July 2018 - 09:36


British Council

CELTA veterans talk about How to Survive your CELTA Course!

At the end of each of our CELTA courses, we ask our graduates to write tips on how to get through the course on post-it notes.

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Here’s a selection of some of their pearls of wisdom.

  • Your classmates are your support system. Be kind to each other and share resources.
  • Forget all you know, as you need to be a super sponge!
  • Go for a holiday before and after CELTA.
  • You will think that people are exaggerating on how hard it’s going to be!!! Well they are not!!!
  • Keep calm and carry on… CELTA is no walk in the park but you can do it.
  • Don’t underestimate how long it takes to plan lessons!
  • A crash course!!!! But you also develop crash friendships that can last forever.
  • Try and keep on top of your work. Use the CELTA library. Murphy is a lifesaver. Have fun when you can.
  • Do your homework early!
  • CELTA is an extremely insightful course but stressful as well. Drink lots of coffee and grab on to your peers for support. Hang in there!
  • Your first TP will be fun. And it only gets better, don’t worry!
  • It’s an interesting nightmare!!! Lots of work, loads of stress and yet very, very interesting!!!
  • Never had to acquire so much knowledge in such a short time! Be prepared for a brain overload!
  • Don’t panic!

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Do you want to add your advice to the list? Join the CELTA course! It’ll be fun!