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Design Thinking is a human-centered approach to understand and solve complex problems. It is a methodology that utilizes curiosity, empathy and creativity to design innovative solutions. It involves developing empathy for customers, discovering opportunities, generating user-centered solutions, and then building and testing prototypes of these solutions to learn more, and improve the design.

In this one-day workshop, you will gain a foundational understanding to the method and mindset that starts with an understanding of human needs and motivations to define, frame and solve problems. You will work under the guidance of design consultants from Foolproof, who will introduce techniques to conducting design research, identifying and framing opportunities, rapid ideation and prototyping.

Who should attend?

Anyone who is interested to start learning about design thinking


  • Gain an appreciation of the design thinking process to start exploring how it can be involved in your work
  • Build a foundational understanding that is beneficial for novices who are considering a change of career/role
  • Supplement your current Design Thinking practices with new, or more focussed, approaches 

Course Outline

Understanding the Problem

  • Learn how to frame a problem that design can solve
  • Better understand the problem through Design Thinking

Research to Insights

  • Understand empathy, by directly interact with people, through interviews, observations, and immersions in their experiences
  • Practice observing without assumptions or biasses

Insights to opportunity

  • Get familiar with affinity mapping techniques to identify opportunities for innovation and solutions
  • Map these opportunities to both user need and business objectives and/or strategy

Opportunity to Ideas

  • Use opportunities to practice either divergent or convergent thinking
  • Apply lateral thinking and scamper techniques to quickly find inspirational possibilities and ideas

Ideas to Solutions

  • Bring ideas to life by applying the most suitable manner to prototype them
  • Gain the power of storytelling, using a framework to deliver the core idea with the right call to action

Course Information

Public Training Dates 2018  
February 21 March 21

Length:  day

Venue: Professional Development Centre, Toa Payoh

Maximum group size: 16

Course Fees: $706.20 (including GST)