Say It Clearly!

This workshop can be delivered face-to-face or online. 


Are you ever misunderstood by your colleagues or clients? Do you find it difficult to pronounce certain words? Would you like to speak more clearly and fluently?

This workshop looks at all aspects of Standard English pronunciation, with a particular focus on problem areas for Singaporean speakers. You will take part in a variety of pronunciation activities, such as using the British Council’s interactive phonemic chart and analysing recordings of your voice.

This workshop is for you if…

You would like to speak more clearly and be easily understood by others.


After taking this workshop you should be able to:

  • know the standard pronunciation of commonly mispronounced words
  • speak with improved clarity and fluency
  • be more easily understood by others.

Workshop Outline

Pronunciation and you

  • Words at work
  • Your pronunciation strengths and areas to improve

Sounds and Spelling

  • Introducing the phonemic alphabet
  • Spelling and speaking

Vowel Sounds

  • Short and long vowel sounds
  • Two problem sounds for Singaporeans 
  • Producing diphthongs (double vowels)
  • Confusing pairs of words


  • Voiced and unvoiced consonants
  • Voicing practice - problem consonants
  • Consonant clusters
  • Past tense -ed endings


  • Syllables and word stress
  • Weak sounds: un-stressed syllables
  • Using sentence stress

Pace, pausing and intonation

  • Effective pacing and pausing
  • Using intonation to create interest
  • Intonation, stress and meaning


  • Relaxing and projecting your voice 
  • Developing clearer speech

Bringing it all together

  • Giving your final talk
  • Writing a personal action plan

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Face-to-face workshop schedule

Face-to-face Public Training Dates 2020/2021
26-27 October 28-29 January