Developing your skillfulness, you learn to assess your unique trigger patterns and how to avail your qualities at crucial times. This interactive and experiential workshop is designed for you to enquire and begin practising the somatic requirements of leadership. 

As individuals, duos and group, awaken invaluable insights, inspiration and a cross-functional skill set of self-awareness and self-correction

Who should attend?

Individuals, mid and upper level executives, those with coaching and mentorship roles who want to develop big-picture thinking, intuition and creativity. Teams who want to excel collaboratively through a shared non-verbal language.


  • Team Building: Enhance somatic intelligence and apply it creatively as a leader to engage and motivate your team more effectively 
  • Self-Management: Be more self-aware of your own tendencies and blind spots and how they influence your impact/effectiveness 
  • Organisational change: Strengthen the ability to navigate under stress, strong inner states and outer challenges 

Course outline

Influence possibility

  • Explore the possibilities of the body as influencer 
  • Discuss inclusiveness in leadership 
  • What does this look like? 
  • Identify what gets in the way? 
  • Understanding the science of embodiment: Muscle groups, hormones and the nervous system
  • Practise embodying Inclusiveness

Listening for big-picture

  • Understand big-picture listening 
  • Build inclusiveness and presence 
  • Practise Attuning 
  • Cultivate Presence 
  • Identify personality and centre: Who’s listening for what? 
  • Identify your embodied listening patterns
  • Practise inclusive listening

Advocating with integrity 

  • Explore powerful speaking as part of leadership 
  • Apply self-awareness 
  • Evoke power 
  • Identify types of conversations 
  • Develop skills in conversation and speaking patterns 
  • Advocate with support and obstacles 

Course information

Public Training Dates 2018     
February 27-28 May 15-16 August 28-29
October 2-3 November 20-21  

Length: 2 days

Venue: Professional Development Centre, Toa Payoh

Maxium class size: 16

Cost: $908.43 (including GST)