Working with EQ

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is about being smarter with feelings. It is a critical skill for success in today’s workplace.

This enlightening workshop will help you to learn more about EQ and how emotions affect your behaviour. You will also explore techniques to gain greater choice over how you respond to challenges. Each course participant will receive a personal EQ report from Six Seconds® giving an in-depth analysis of your strengths and areas for development.

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to build stronger relationships and deliver better outcomes at work.


  • Understand and be able to develop the core EQ competencies
  • Better recognise how pressure affects you, and know some techniques to manage in challenging situations
  • Build better relationships and deliver better outcomes in the workplace

Course Outline

EQ and why it matters

  • What is emotional intelligence?
  • EQ vs IQ
  • How EQ can help you at work

the core competencies of eq 

  • A model for EQ in action
  • The 8 competencies of EQ
  • Exploring your personal profile

know yourself

  • Enhance emotional literacy
  • Plutchik’s wheel of emotions
  • Recognising your patterns and ‘triggers'

choose YOURSELF 

  • Apply consequential thinking
  • Navigate emotions
  • The six second pause
  • Exercise optimism

Give Yourself

  • Increase empathy
  • Pursue noble goals
  • Your EQ action plan

Course Information

Public Training Dates 2017
November 20-21
Public Training Dates 2018
January 15-16 March 5-6 May 10-11
July 9-10 August 27-28 September 10-11
November 12-13 December 10-11  

Length: 2 days

Venue: Professional Development Centre, Toa Payoh

Maximum group size: 16

Course Fees: $1,363.18 (excluding GST)