English for adults

English for Adults

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Build your confidence and fluency in spoken English for your work and everyday life

  • Benefit from personalised content linked to your professional and learning goals
  • Receive individual feedback on presentations, speeches, emails and reports 
  • Flexibility to join our courses all year round
  • Join MyClub – a free, interesting, social and fun learning experience that includes out-of-classroom activities and events
  • Receive 1:1 support and advice on using English in the real world from our team of expert teachers through MyClub Ask the Teacher
  • Make friends from around the world

Explore the best course for you:

Business English

  • Participate in dynamic classes to make your English come alive
  • Connect with people from a wide variety of professional backgrounds
  • Improve your speaking, reading, writing and listening skills through activities that apply in the workplace
  • Receive online support and exclusive access to online learning material

General English

  • Improve your English language skills for everyday use
  • Focus on improving your oral communication and listening skills, as well as developing grammar and expanding vocabulary
  • Access to course book and online resources 
  • Complete this 10-week course by taking class for two hours twice a week

Speak with Confidence

  • Improve your spoken English language skills for everyday use
  • This course gives you the time and confidence to improve your oral communication and listening skills
  • Complete this 10-week course by taking class for 90 minutes once a week
  • Join a class that matches your English level 

Say it Clearly

  • Learn how to pronounce commonly mispronounced words
  • Speak with clarity and fluency
  • Learn the phonemic chart as well as spelling and speaking
  • Understand vowel sounds, consonants, intonation and delivery

Interpersonal Communication Skills

  • Use vocal, verbal and body language skills to improve key relationships in the workplace and everyday life
  • Use mindful listening to remain focused in interactions and as a result, better connect with others
  • Communicate clearly and coherently to avoid misunderstanding
  • Use a range of digital tools to cultivate remote working relationships and network effectively


'The course has helped me to overcome the fear of communicating in English.' – Bec Hyun In 

'I learned English before in China, but only reading and writing, so when I started working in Singapore I found it difficult to communicate with my colleagues. I have been at the British Council for about 8 months now, and I feel much more confident and can communicate more effectively with my colleagues. I chose the British Council because my friend recommended it. The best thing about the classes is that the teachers use lots of different methods and techniques e.g. games to help us learn. I also really like the fact that I have classmates from lots of different countries, so I’m also learning a lot about other cultures. I would definitely recommend the British Council to my colleagues.' – Kelly Zhang

'The teachers are well-trained, professional and know how to teach Asian students. They know our problems. I have made big progress during my time here.' – Sun Hui, Frank

'I’ve been studying at the British Council for about two months. I studied at another school before, but my English didn’t improve as much as I wanted, so I decided to come to try the British Council. I really like the fact that my teachers encourage me to try new things and check that we all understand before moving on. I feel my grammar and writing have improved a lot since I joined, and now I’m not worried about making mistakes. I also really like attending the free myClub sessions as these allow me to review and practise what I’ve already learned. I would definitely recommend the British Council to friends; my English has improved more than I expected in just two months.' – Ayaka

Why study with the British Council? 

  • Since 1947, we have maintained a strong and trustworthy presence in Singapore for English education.
  • Our courses are designed by experienced and certified global experts.
  • Enjoy MyClub, a free, engaging, and social learning experience with extracurricular activities and social events.
  • Our two island-wide centres feature cutting-edge learning facilities.

How to register

  1. Book an English level check at one of our centres. Terms and conditions apply for our trial classes.
  2. Complete a 30-minute English online level check before your consultation appointment.
  3. During the consultation, our British Council Sales and Customer Management team will help to place you in the right level and plan your study pathway with you.
  4. Our Sales and Customer Management team will assist you with registration.
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