Practise English and build your network beyond the classroom 

Get free membership to our MyClub Ask the Teacher programme and come along to our MyClub Socials to seek guidance on your course, enhance your speaking abilities, and expand your social network. Have fun and make new friends from all over the world while you learn English with us. 

MyClub Ask the Teacher

  • 20-minute online sessions
  • One-to-one with a member of our qualified and experienced teaching staff
  • 40-45 available time slots per term
  • Up to two sessions per term per student
  • Ask for any English support you need – in or outside of the classroom

MyClub Socials

  • Start-of-term welcome gathering: Meet other British Council Singapore students, practise speaking in a real-life environment, chat to teachers and other staff members.
  • End-of-term party: Celebrate finishing your course with your new friends, show off your improved speaking skills, take part in games and quizzes with your classmates and the wider British Council Singapore community.