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English Enrichment for Early Years, Lower Primary, Upper Primary and Secondary

Helping every student achieve their goals 

Developed by the world’s English experts, the British Council's enrichment courses are student-centred and aligned to the syllabus set by the Ministry of Education. 

Our internationally qualified teachers provide a safe, supportive and dynamic environment to help your child succeed at every stage of their academic journey whilst developing the essential 21st century skills and proficiencies to be able to thrive in the fast-changing world. 

We tailor our teaching approach to meet the needs of each student; challenging stronger students and reinforcing their knowledge, while providing additional support to other students so that they can achieve the same learning outcome.

While every student's journey may be different, we focus on the same outcome for all: becoming exam-ready, proficient users of English.

Our teachers undergo regular training, tapping into the expertise of our in-house teacher development team with extensive experience training teachers around the world and Singapore.

Going beyond

We give students a wider world perspective, through giving them exposure to a vast range of reading texts, and teaching them how to connect with what they read. This helps them in both their comprehension and composition tasks.

Our students are challenged to think critically about topics, as this leads to them producing more well-developed work and better grades. We help them strive for consistent improvement through regular practice and personalised feedback on their work, giving them the opportunity to learn from mistakes.

We have a strong child protection policy that ensures high standards of emotional and physical safety of children in all our activities. Our staff are proficient in managing issues like diversity and bullying, and are able to bring out confidence in children.

Tried-and-tested curriculum

Early Years
Prepare your child to learn with confidence

Our pre-school enrichment programmes focus on literacy, communication and confidence. Our teachers provide a safe and nurturing environment with a focus on developing independent and confident learners through a range of activities, games and materials. We provide an integrated literacy programme that combines phonics awareness with authentic reading texts to provide your child with a strong foundation in English and love for learning, so they are able to develop their reading, writing and oral communication skills to excel in school.

Our 2024 fees for Pre-school enrichment courses start from S$870 for one term.

Lower Primary
Nurture your child to become creative thinkers and confident communicators

At lower primary, our courses help children develop the key skills they need to face challenges both inside and outside of the classroom. Highly qualified and dedicated teachers will help your child to build their confidence and provide them with a wider awareness of the world around them. Students will focus on a variety of literature, helping them to grow as passionate and curious readers. Their written and spoken communication skills will be developed through targeted individual and group activities.

Upper Primary
Building your child's skills for academic excellence and future success

As your child progresses to upper primary, we help them with academic excellence through the rigorous development of spoken and written skills, combined with detailed comprehension of varied and rich texts. Students collect and refine strategies for tackling exam questions with confidence. Whilst our teachers build your child’s confidence through collaborative activities, critical thinking tasks and student reflection, which leads to improved classroom performance as well as life-long success.

Our 2024 fees for Primary enrichment courses start from S$806.40 for one term.

Learn English for the Real World

Our Secondary courses place a strong emphasis on helping students build a global mindset by developing their intercultural confidence, critical thinking and analytical reading skills. Stimulating up-to-date topics are linked to current world issues and incentivise students to develop their written and spoken communication skills and achieve academic success.

Our 2024 fees for Secondary tuition courses start from S$817.20 for one term.

Our centres are located at Napier Road and Toa Payoh.


Terms and conditions apply for our trial classes.

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