Looking for a course that’s specifically tailored to your needs? Check out our bespoke 1:1 and small group programmes, available for students of all ages. 

We provide courses in the following areas and many more. 

Course topics:

  • presentation skills
  • pronunciation and accent training
  • interview preparation
  • Cambridge English and IELTS test preparation
  • email or report writing
  • phonics and early literacy
  • MOE exam preparation (PSLE, O-level, General Paper) or skills focus (creative writing, composition, comprehension)
  • industry specific courses (pharmaceutical, financial, retail, hospitality, shipping and many more)
  • General or Business English improvement for all ages and levels. 

How are our courses delivered?

Our team of highly qualified and experienced teachers are dedicated to supporting you throughout your learning journey and helping you to achieve the results you desire through guidance and feedback which is specific to you and your goals. 

Our courses are high quality, extremely flexible and fully customised. They can be delivered at any of our four centres, at your workplace or residence in Singapore through:

  • exclusive one-to-one tuition where you get to interact with your teacher more at your own pace and time
  • small group tuition available for any number of students 

Where is this course taught?

Calendar and pricing

Our stated price includes the following:

  • any pre and post course assessment and consultation
  • tuition from highly experienced/qualified trainer (Cambridge University CELTA/DELTA post-graduate teaching qualifications as a minimum)
  • all British Council published teaching materials written by our highly experienced/qualified product heads and curriculum writers *
  • detailed student reports (for courses 20 hours or over)
  • student certification
  • transportation costs ** (if not at any of our four British Council centres)
  • student welcome pack 
  • 7% Goods and Services Tax (GST)

* Charges may apply for courses requiring alternative published materials.

** Dependent on exact location. Minimum offsite lesson length of two hours.  

Tuition fees


Private Young/Adult learner tuition * 10 hours 40 hours
(10% discount applied)
1:1 Tuition (one learner)  S$2,400  S$8,640
2:1 (two learners)  S$3,050  S$10,980 
3:1 (three learners) S$3,340  S$12,020 

Four or more students, price available on request.

Public holidays and closure

Public holidays and closure in 2019

Date Holiday
1 January New Year's Day
5 - 6 February Chinese New Year
19 April Good Friday
1 May Labour Day
19 May Vesak Day
5 June Hari Raya Puasa
9 August National Day
11 August Hari Raya Haji
27 October Deepavali
25 December Christmas Day


What our teachers say

  1. 'The benefit of studying 1:1 is that you can design the course and individual lessons very precisely to target the needs of individual learners. It can be a great option for busy students who are looking for a highly personalised and flexible approach.'
  2. 'Having taught high level executives in multinational companies for 15 years, I understand the importance of tailoring the lessons to each student’s perspective and specific context to help them identify and overcome their own personal linguistic challenges.'  
  3. 'I always look to not only make the most of the time in the lesson, but always give a lot of training, resources and guidance on how our students can build on this outside the class.'
  4. 'It’s great to see students go on to achieve their goals at the end of the course. Whether it is getting into the school or university they want, being offered the job they dreamed of or simply being able to chat confidently with their English speaking colleagues and friends'

What our students say

  1. 'The teaching style is tailored well.  It is adjusted based on my requirements and turns out to be really useful.  It seems I am beginning to speak English directly without pre-translating in my mind.'
  2. 'I would like to highlight my great appreciation for the teacher’s patience, professionalism and correctness.  I feel great progress in speech and my fear of speaking English in front of my bosses is decreasing.  I am very pleased.'
  3. 'Before I started 1:1 lessons, I couldn’t get beyond a band 5.5 in IELTS, despite sitting the exam many times.  After studying 1:1, I achieved my goal of securing a band 7 and my desired place at a UK university.'
  4. 'My son studied 1:1 to prepare for entrance interviews at several top UK private schools. He was not confident in this situation at all.  I was delighted that his 1:1 course gave him the confidence to present articulately and he was offered a place in all our top preferences.'