Be introduced to new ideas to stimulate your thinking on topics that define our time.  Share your opinions and consider viewpoints in a lively and engaging class. Discuss and expand your conversational prowess with like-minded people from a wide variety of backgrounds in this part-time weekday course, run in  6 week modules.

Each module explores culture in different contexts, through topics such as: 

  • Micro Culture and Tribes
  • Pioneer Artists and Rebellion
  • Rise of Slam Poetry - Advocacy or Agitation
  • Becoming Creative - What Performance Art Can Teach Us
  • The Architect and the City
  • Sustainability: the Future of Fashion

Where is this course taught?


Our team of highly qualified and experienced teachers are dedicated to supporting you throughout your learning journey and helping you to achieve the results you desire through guidance and feedback which is specific to you and your goals. 


study in a class size of maximum 16 students

we believe in keeping our classes small to maximise teacher-student interaction  

only available at our Napier Road Centre.

Calendar and pricing

Light refreshments will be provided. This is for Proficiency level English speakers of any background.

These courses are available at our Napier Road Centre

Napier Road Centre

Term 1: January - Mar 2018

Level Day Date Time Fees
Cultural conversations Mon & Wed 12 Feb - 21 Mar 11.00 - 13.00 S$888

Term 2: March - June 2018

Level Day Date Time Fees
Cultural conversations Sat 31 Mar - 16 Jun 13.30 - 15.30 S$888

Learning outcomes

Cultural conversations

On this course, you will: 

  • Explore arts and culture and their role in society 
  • Stimulate your thinking and finesse your conversational prowess around current topics
  • Explore terminology and discourse that define arts and culture 
  • Connect with like-minded people from around the world in a comfortable, relaxed social environment
  • Participate in task-based, participant-led exchanges as facilitated by experienced British Council trainers