Cultivating Team Innovation© - Changing Climates

This highly practical and engaging programme is designed for teams who wish to strengthen their ability to work together in finding innovative solutions to their work challenges. Your accredited trainer will take you through your in-depth Team Climate for Innovation© profile, helping you to gain personal insights into what you can do to foster innovation in any team you belong to. You will also reflect on your workplace team can develop greater synergy and enhance its own climate for innovation.

Who should attend?

Teams who are committed to developing an innovative climate to better to achieve business objectives.


  • Better understand your team members' capacity to innovate
  • Have strategies to reduce conflict and increase synergy when striving to innovate as a team
  • Be able to promote the qualities that enable synergistic, innovative teamwork

Learning Objectives

  • Discover how to strengthen your individual skills, confidence and initiative in fostering innovation within your team
  • Analyse your team's approach to innovation and assess how balanced this is
  • Learn a range of techniques to use as your team completes an innovative challenge

Course Outline


  • What is innovation?
  • Qualities of the climate for innovation 
  • Application exercise

Know Yourself

  • Your personal Team Climate assessment report and feedback
  • Advantages and challenges of your personal “team climate” strengths

Know your Team

  • Your team’s assessment report and feedback on its climate for innovation
  • Aligning and attuning your team for innovation

Strengthen your Team

  • Practicing the qualities for collaborative, innovative teamwork 
  • Your case study of team synergy for innovation

Course Information

Course dates and length: By arrangement

Venue: Professional Development Centre, Toa Payoh

Course Fees: On request