Mind Mapping® Essentials

This powerful workshop gives you a full understanding of the basics of creating Mind Maps® using the world famous Tony Buzan technique. You will learn how to use Mind Mapping® to enhance your planning, organising and decision-making skills. 

Our Buzan-licensed instructor will guide you as you begin to create and evaluate your own Mind Maps® and give you feedback on exactly what you need to do to improve. You will take part in group discussions, brainstorms and case studies to immediately put into practice the new skills you learn.

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to enhance the way they create, learn and organise.


  • Feel confident in your ability to create Mind Maps®
  • Present information in a more succinct way
  • Better organise and memorise information

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the basics of Mind Mapping®
  • Discover how to take and make effective notes
  • Find out how to use Mind Mapping® to plan, organise and present information clearly

Course Outline

The Why, What and How of Mind Mapping

  • The need for Mind Mapping® in today’s society
  • Your amazing brain
  • The fundamentals of Mind Mapping®

Mind Mapping® Applications

  • Note-making and summarizing 
  • Presenting using a Mind Map®
  • Taking meeting notes using a Mind Map®
  • Using Mind Maps® as a decision-making tool
  • Planning–mind explosions

Course Information

Public Training Dates 2016
January 26 February 11 March 16 April 13
May 17 June 22 July 20 August 10
September 28 October 5 November 1 December 14

Length: 1 day, 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Venue: Professional Development Centre, Toa Payoh

Maximum group size: 16

Course Fees: $636.65 (including GST)