Innovating with Style ®

This dynamic programme is based on the principle that we all have the capacity to be creative, yet we approach creative thinking in different ways. Your accredited trainer will take you through your personalised Innovation Styles® profile, giving you a better understanding of how you prefer to be creative and innovative.

Your profile will highlight your preferences among the four different approaches to creative thinking. You will use this as a guide for self-reflection during the workshop and as you continue innovating back in the workplace.

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to understand and make the most of their approach to creativity and innovation.


  • Understand and recognise the creative potential in everyone
  • Have a range of ideational techniques to release this creative potential 
  • Be able to generate a wide variety of possible ideas and solutions

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the nature of creativity and innovation
  • Discover and appreciate your preferences for creative thinking
  • Analyse and use a range of idea generation techniques

Course Outline

Discover creativity

  • Creativity versus Innovation
  • Barriers to creativity
  • Innovation Styles®: four approaches to creative thinking - visioning style, modifying style, experimenting style and exploring style

Discover Yourself

  • Your Innovation Styles® profile and feedback
  • Advantages and challenges of your style
  • Complement or conflict? Different styles in the workplace

Discover Solutions

  • Idea generation techniques 
  • Your case study – idea generation
  • Review of the ideation techniques

Course Information

Public Training Dates 2017
December 13
Public Training Dates 2018
April 11 June 13
September 4  

Length: 1 day

Venue: Professional Development Centre, Toa Payoh

Maximum group size: 16

Course Fees: $706.20 (including GST)