Working with EQ

Many describe their workplace as a compassion-free zone. Have you thought what work might be like if it was more human, caring and less stressful? Many managers are striving to develop a style of leadership which combines compassion and care with holding people accountable for achieving results. This is one of a number of topics we cover during the day where we learn that compassion is not fluffy and abstract – it is beneficial for your own wellbeing, makes for greater employee engagement and can be seen as “the human dimension of productivity”. In addition, changing demographics in the workplace have created new expectations about how people want to be led and managed – both the oldest and youngest in the workforce. This workshop offers insight and practical guidance on how these different expectations might be met.

Who should attend? 

Leaders and managers who are keen to deepen their leadership and managerial capabilities and who want to explore a profoundly human way of working effectively with their teams.


  • Put in place the foundations for building greater engagement, enhanced productivity and better organisational results through compassionate leadership
  • Have a clear understanding of the key characteristics and benefits of compassion in the workplace
  • Develop your own personal action plan for improving your own compassion and fostering a more compassionate workplace 

Learning objectives 

  • Find out what part of your compassionate leadership profile you want to develop further
  • Learn some practical strategies for strengthening each of the five constructs of compassion at work
  • Learn how to become an advocate for more compassionate workplaces 

Course outline

Why compassion? What is it and can it be learned? 

  • The five constructs of compassion
  • Compassion and self-compassion
  • Empathy versus compassion

How compassionate is your leadership style? 

  • Using the Compassion in the Workplace tool
  • Reflecting on your results
  • Taking action to enhance or improve your compassion 

Mini-case studies from Singapore and elsewhere 

  • Organisational compassion – how it happens
  • What works best?
  • Bringing compassion into organisational systems and processes 

Stop, start and continue 

  • What does your organisation do well?
  • What could you stop? What could you continue?
  • Developing an action plan for a more compassionate workplace

Course information

Public Training Dates 2017  
November 3  

Length: 1 day

Venue: Professional Development Centre, Toa Payoh

Maximum class size: 16

Cost: $706.20 (including GST)