Resilience at work

This practical and insightful workshop provides you with a deep understanding of the nature of resilience, its vital role in your successful navigation of the changes and challenges of work, and how to make choices which will strengthen your resilience. Drawing on recent research in Singapore, the day also enables managers to understand Team Resilience, and their role is growing and sustaining it. You will receive your own personal RCI (Resilience Capability Index) report with practical pointers to strengthening your resilience in relation to the five dimensions. 

Who should attend?

New and experienced managers, supervisors and team leaders who want to learn how to strengthen their own resilience, and that of their teams.


  • Have a clear understanding of what Resilience is, and its vital role in our effectiveness at work and elsewhere
  • Expanded self-awareness of the full range of choices available to grow and sustain your personal resilience
  • Practical steps to enable your team to maintain its resilience through change 

Learning objectives 

  • Gain understanding of your current resilience through the Roffey Park RCI online self-assessment tool.
  • Choose strategies to grow your resilience in relation to five distinct dimensions
  • Learn practical ways to grow the resilience of your team in times of change and uncertainty 

Course outline

Why Resilience? 

  • Evidence of the need for resilience at work
  • The demands of change and complexity

Understanding Resilience 

  • Exploring the five dimensions
  • Resilience as a process not an attribute
  • Your personal Resilience Capability profile (Roffey Park) 

Resilience building choices 

  • Reframing Perspective
  • Strengthening EQ
  • Pursuing purpose ; applying strengths
  • Breadth and depth of relationships
  • Physical energy 

Team Resilience 

  • What makes a team a team?
  • Four enablers of team resilience (Roffey Park Singapore research) 

        - Learning orientation
        - Positive relationships
        - Sense of purpose
        - Team processes

Course information

Public Training Dates 2017    
September 22 October 19 November 10

Length: 1 day

Venue: Professional Development Centre, Toa Payoh

Maximum group size: 16

Course Fees : $706.20 (including GST)