About this course

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The British Council's early years specialists have designed Learning Time with Timmy to be fun and engaging for your child. Our approach to learning teaches your child English skills while nurturing their creativity, critical thinking and social skills. It helps them develop communication skills and good pronunciation while boosting their self-confidence.

We have partnered with Aardman animation studios because the stories of their world-famous character Timmy, star of Timmy Time, enable your child to learn new vocabulary and grammar in context. Timmy and his friends will capture your child’s imagination. This connection deepens their engagement in the learning process.

Improve your child's learning with our world of English expertise. 

Course overview

What will my child learn in Nursery 1? (For children turning 3 in the year)

In this course your child will: 

  • Learn to produce single letter and some double letter sounds orally
  • Work on developing fine motor skills – hand and eye coordination
  • Identify characters in Timmy Time episodes
  • Learn to distinguish and recognise colours and shapes
  • Develop pre-writing skills

What will my child learn in Nursery 2? (For children turning 4 in the year)

In this course your child will:

  • Recognise and produce single letter phonics accurately in both written and oral form
  • Work on developing fine motor skills
  • Listen to and take part in storytelling sessions
  • Identify characters and follow storylines
  • Use audio-visual equipment for storytelling and comprehension
  • Acquire simple comprehension and sequencing skills
  • Develop an understanding of the importance of sharing, listening to others and taking turns
  • Participate in interactive and fun activities to build confidence and creative thinking
  • Play games that develop socialisation skills and be exposed to language
  • Expand and develop a wide range of vocabulary to express thoughts and ideas
  • Be encouraged to develop spoken confidence through communication activities such as class discussions, role play and speech and drama

Where is this course taught?

How we teach

How we teach

A fun and effective English curriculum for your child designed by British Council early years experts

Our innovative play-based methodology features animated characters from Academy Award®-winning Aardman. Your child will learn naturally through play and Timmy’s stories. When your child is with our specially-trained teachers they will feel safe and relaxed, as if they were at home. 

Watch this video to find out more

Happy children learn best

An effective learning experience needs to tap into your child's natural curiosity. It needs to be holistic and inspired by play to keep up with your child's cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional and physical development.

Your child will enjoy learning English through stories, videos, songs, movement, drama, arts and crafts and much more. Our teachers set up purposeful play activities that provide opportunities for your child to encounter and learn new language.

You will see your child make real progress in their English language learning, building their self-confidence and having fun along the way.

Our teachers

Learning Time with Timmy teachers are early years specialists who have:

  • a degree and an appropriate qualification to teach young children
  • a minimum of two years’ teaching experience
  • attended a Learning Time with Timmy training programme. 

Our teachers get to know every child in the class. They plan lessons to meet your child’s needs, helping them to progress at their own pace.

Our early years experts provide training and ongoing professional development for our teachers so that we set the highest standards of teaching English in the early years. 

Be part of your child's learning experience

We see parents as partners. Our teachers provide you with regular feedback on your child’s progress. They also offer guidance on how you can continue your child’s English language learning adventure at home. Your observations of how your child uses new skills at home are invaluable too!

Learning in a safe and secure environment 

You can also trust us to put your child’s personal development, security and well-being first, both in the classroom and online. 

We give you peace of mind - our policies and processes meet the highest UK child protection and safeguarding standards, which are among the best in the world. 

Frequently Asked Questions

My child’s regular pre-school is also using Jolly Phonics. Isn’t it unnecessary to repeat the same curriculum during enrichment?

Jolly Phonics is a recognised programme for teaching phonics that is used throughout the UK. We believe that it provides the building blocks required to enable your child to recognise the sounds of English. The repetition of using the Jolly Phonics system on our enrichment programme will help your child to become more familiar with the sounds and in turn, lead to greater confidence as a reader.  

Will my child be able to read after joining British Council classes?

Our range of pre-school courses will provide your child with the necessary skills to become a confident reader by the end of pre-school. These range from the learning and pronunciation of individual phonics to the application of simple reading strategies to enhance the understanding of a text.

My child has a limited understanding of English, will he/she be able to join classes?

Our pre-school courses are inclusive and we accept learners who have little grounding in English at N2 and K1 levels. The teacher monitors each child’s progress in the class and should they experience any difficulties, parents will be contacted and advised accordingly. 

For a child joining K2, we conduct a short placement test to check that the learners have a sound grasp of the basic phonic units. Without a grasp of these units, it would prove challenging for them to attain any sort of fluency by the conclusion of the course.

My child finds reading difficult. How can your programme help him?

Our programme provides your child with a rich learning environment that makes reading a fun experience. Interactive activities that highlight and explore phonics are central to our lessons and ensure that your child becomes fully engaged in reading. In addition to classroom activities, your child will be given a story book to take home each week and from K2 they will also be given a guided reader to further encourage their literacy skills. 

What is unique about studying with the British Council?

  • High Calibre Teachers: All of our teachers have recognised teaching qualifications and are experienced pre-school professionals. In addition, we run regular training sessions to ensure that our teachers are acquainted with the latest developments in pre-school teaching.
  • An International Environment: Students meet teachers and staff from across the world, exposing them to different accents and ideas.
  • Close Home-School Links: You will receive a welcome email from the teacher in addition to parent meetings and progress reports. We encourage you to communicate regularly with the teacher through these channels.

Calendar and pricing


Weekday classes

Napier Road Centre


Semester 2 (June - November 2020) 

Level Date Days Time Fees
N2 03 Jul - 20 Nov Fri 17.45 - 19.30 S$1,510.22


Tampines Centre

 Semester 2 (June - November 2020)

Level Date Days Time Fees
N2 02 Jul - 19 Nov Thu 16.30 - 18.15 S$1,589.70

Weekend classes

Napier Road Centre

Semester 2 (June - November 2020) 


Level Date Days Time Fees
N1 04 Jul - 21 Nov Sat 11.45 - 13.15 S$1585.50
N2 04 Jul - 21 Nov Sat 09.15 - 11.00 S$1849.75
N2 04 Jul - 21 Nov Sat 11.45 - 13.30 S$1849.75



Tampines Centre

Semester 2 (June - November 2020)

Level Date Days Time Fees
N1 04 Jul - 21 Nov Sat 09.00 - 10.30 S$1,585.50
N2 04 Jul - 21 Nov Sat 09.00 - 10.45 S$1,849.75
N2 04 Jul - 21 Nov Sat 11.15 - 13.00 S$1,849.75
N2 05 Jul - 22 Nov Sun 09.00 - 10.45 S$1,849.75


Toa Payoh Centre

Semester 2 (June - November 2020)


Level Date Days Time Fees
N2 04 Jul - 21 Nov Sat 11.40 - 13.25 S$1,849.75
N2 05 Jul - 22 Nov Sun 11.40 - 13.25 S$1,849.75