English for Secondary and Junior College


Our Secondary courses focus on developing critical thinking, resilience and deep reading skills. This is done through stimulating up to date topics linked to current issues and real-life tasks to encourage students to develop their communication skills. 

This exposes our students to new perspectives and helps them to challenge what they read, see, hear and learn, encouraging them to develop and justify their opinions and have stronger decision making skills.

In addition to understanding examination question types and success criteria, we develop these independent learning strategies to boost their performance in examinations so that every child reaches their full potential. Our approach to developing core skills for learning are key to both academic and exam success, and helps your child face the challenges related to the fast-changing world they are growing up in. 

Junior College

Our General Paper course teaches, and tests, comprehension and composition skills through a variety of up to date topical texts. This course will equip students with a wider knowledge of the world as well as key exam skills.

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