Agyness Deyn ©


Sunday 14 May 2017 -
19:00 to 21:00

In 2017, as part of British Council’s wider Inclusive Arts campaign, we are presenting ‘Electricity’ by Bryn Higgins, at the 27thEuropean Union Film Festival. The film will be subtitled for hard of hearing viewers.

Title: Electricity – 2014 (96 mins)
Director: Bryn Higgins  
Actors:  Agyness Deyn, Paul Anderson,  Lenora  Crichlow,  Christian Cooke
Date: Sunday 14 May 2017
Time: 7 pm
Venue: National Gallery Singapore
Ticket: S$12 available at SISTIC (http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/ceuff0517)

Electricity is an Alice In Wonderland for the modern day - an extraordinary hallucinatory journey seen through the eyes of a young woman with epilepsy (Agyness Deyn) as she searches for her lost brother. Electricity has a stunning central performance from Agyness Deyn with support from Christian Cooke, Paul Anderson, Alice Lowe, Lenora Critchlow and Tom Georgeson. 

The film combines strong, witty human drama with remarkable visual effects to create an immersive and compelling cinematic experience.