Wednesday 04 July 2018 -
07:30 to 10:00

British Council EQ Breakfast: Why does community matter? 

Poor employee engagement costs business between $450 and $550 billion every year. 

Purpose, belonging, happiness and fulfilment can all be nurtured through communities, fundamentally increasing employee engagement. 

We are each part of many communities but what happens when community is strong, and what are the elements that make it so? When a community is ordinary, what can be the effect on engagement and performance then? 

More importantly, what is your role in your communities and how do your unique talents contribute to this? 

Join this insightful, interactive EQ Cafe to practice emotional intelligence as we discover answers to these important questions, and see how to use “emotional intelligence” as a powerful ingredient for creating thriving communities. 

You’ll also receive your EQ Brain Talent Profile, produced from the world-class SEI emotional intelligence assessment free of charge. The Brain Talent Profile offers insight on your top brain talents to leverage and develop your EQ. Find out more here Six Seconds SEI Brain Profiles

You will learn:

  • The essential elements of community and how these support us in all aspects of life.
  • How to contribute your unique Brain talents to strengthen your community.
  • How EQ can be a stimulant for creating and sustaining a thriving community at work and home.
  • How you can support others to develop their EQ

Who should attend? HR managers, learning and development managers, talent managers, team leaders and senior managers/directors

When: 4 July 2018

Time: 7.30 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. 

Venue: Parkroyal at Pickering

Price for event and your personalised Brain Talent Profile: free 

Strictly limited to 50 people to facilitate an interactive session. Request your place here