Important Notice

  1. After September 2023 Pearson will no longer offer the LCCI portfolio or run LCCI examinations. The LCCI suite will be taken over by The Institute of Accountants and Bookkeepers (IAB). 
  2. LCCI examination is being withdrawn from Pearson, and The LCCI suite is taken over by The Institute of Accountants and Bookkeepers (IAB). For further information, please refer to this link: Pearson to Withdraw from Offering Qualifications under the LCCI Brand | Pearson qualifications
  3. The final Pearson LCCI examinations will take place in September 2023.  Any replacement certificates for exams taken after September Series 2023 will need to be liaised with Institute of Accountants and Bookkeepers (IAB).


LCCI International Qualifications are available across a wide range of business related areas and may be taken as single subjects or as group awards and diplomas.

The qualifications are offered at different levels so you can start at the point that is most appropriate to your current knowledge and experience without feeling pressured.

As work-related qualifications, they give you the knowledge and skills to actually do the job, which is why they are trusted and valued by employers worldwide.

In addition, LCCI International Qualifications are recognised by universities, governments and professional bodies such as the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), giving you the opportunity to study further.

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