November/December 2016 Holiday Courses

Make the most out of the year-end holidays with the British Council! 

Our holiday courses help students develop specific skills to improve in various aspects of their English examinations.

Primary 1 to 6


NEW! Learn and Explore - Composition Skills (5-day course)

Students will explore a variety of texts and learn the techniques to approach the question types seen in exams. At the end of each day, students will critically review and reflect on what they have learnt.

NEW! Learn and Explore - Comprehension Skills (5-day course)

Students will be immersed in engaging literature, allowing them to explore various themes. With support and feedback from their teacher, students will produce their own original pieces, and take home a portfolio of their work at the end of the course.

Speaking with Confidence (5-day course)

Expressing your ideas clearly and coherently is a skill that will last a lifetime! Learn by exploring themes and presenting them in imaginative ways.

  • Primary 4 to 5 only


Fees for our Primary English holiday courses are at $700 per course. Register now!

Kindergarten 1 to 2

The Land of Dinosaurs (5-day course)

Stories relating to dinosaurs will be shared and children will have opportunities to create their own dinosaur and learn to describe it. On the last day, each child/group will present their dinosaur to the class. Children will learn to listen and give constructive comments.

Get Ready for Primary (5-day course)

Provides an introduction to the activities and routines that students meet in Primary 1 classes. Tasks range from simple comprehension and writing tasks to organising class work and cooperating together in groups.

  • Kindergarten 2 only

NEW! Reading Booster (4-day course)

If your child is struggling to read and needs extra support before beginning Primary 1, then the NEW Reading Booster course will be hugely beneficial.

  • Kindergarten 2 only


Fees for our Pre-school English holiday courses start from $280 per course. Register now!

Secondary 1 to 4

Summary Writing (2-day course)

Develop a range of strategies to synthesise texts and write effective 'O' Level summaries. This workshop provides a focused approach to a skill students often struggle with.

Essay Writing (2-day course)

Understand and practice different sub-skills of writing. Learn and define techniques to improve your writing performance.

Critical Thinking (1-day course)

Improve your ability to think deeply and logically to solve problems and understand concepts. This workshop covers the vital skill of questioning critically what you read and hear.

Amazing Journeys (5-day course)

Journey around the world while improving your composition and comprehension skills.

Debating and Public Speaking (5-day course)

The Debate and Public Speaking course challenges students to extend their speaking and writing skills to become more confident speakers and writers. The conclusion of the course will be a group debate competition.


Fees for our Secondary holiday courses start from $140 per course. Register now!