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The 8th New Directions conference invites proposals for papers on the following main theme and subthemes:


Connecting Contexts: linking assessment, learning, and language use

The main theme of New Directions 2020 considers the role of language assessment in connecting teaching, learning and the curriculum, as well as its ability to compare performance and ability, and to link test scores to real-life use of language in the workplace, schools and academia.

We will explore, moreover, how language assessment is used as a tool of transition between different stages of the education system and between education systems themselves; as well as how language assessment can facilitate preparation for communication in a globalized world. We will also consider the increasing interconnectedness between technology and language use, as well as that of learning and assessment.


  • Alternative approaches to assessment in learning systems
  • Connecting assessment and real-life language use
  • English ownership, identity, and consequences for assessment
  • Assessment practices across lifelong learning
  • Impact and consequences of technology
  • A teaching perspective: quality assessment and the impact in the classroom

General Strand

There will be a section of parallel sessions set aside for outstanding proposals on topics or innovative assessment research of general interest to the wider field of language testing and assessment which are not directly related to the main theme.


Deadline of Submission of Proposal Abstracts

19 April 2020

Notification of Acceptance

29 May 2020

Speaker Confirmation of Acceptance

19 June 2020

Conference Dates

30-31 October 2020

Workshops Date

29 October 2020


We invite proposals addressing the main- and sub-themes of the conference and are particularly interested in those describing practical approaches, research case studies and innovative perspectives on challenges in language assessment in the East Asian context.

Proposals should be:

  • 250-350 words in length
  • Reflective of at least one of the sub-themes of the conference
  • Relevant to the target audience
  • Of practical interest to members of the target audience
  • Relevant to the East Asian region or including a regional perspective on an international paper
  • Original and insightful
  • Submitted in English
  • Submitted to COMS website (use the "Submit Proposal" link found at the top and bottom of this page)

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