Student recruitment partners

We collaborate with student recruitment agents around the world who share our passion and commitment to promoting education in Singapore. 

Four-year EduTrust accreditation

The British Council was awarded the coveted 4-year EduTrust accreditation in April 2011. Awarded by the Council for Private Education (CPE), the EduTrust mark is only awarded to Private Education Institutes who have distinguished themselves in having higher standards in management and provision of educational services. With this accreditation, foreign students are rest assured of the quality of our English programmes and the credibility of our services. 

Global brand

Our global brand is trusted all round the world. We have a 80-year track record in teaching English to large numbers of people and organisations. Our brand represents the best the UK has to offer and is built upon the values of creativity, integrity, mutuality, professionalism and people. As an official student recruitment partner, we can add value to your own brand.

 Apply to be our student recruitment agent

Step 1 - Application
Step 2 - Evaluation
  • Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application after one week.
  • Only completed forms will be processed.
Step 3 - Awarding contract
  • Successful applicants will need to undergo an agent training programme.
  • A one year contract will be awarded upon successful completion of our agent training programme.
Step 4 - Agent support
  • Upon appointment, the agent will receive an agent certificate and a set of marketing materials.
  • Agents will receive continual support from the British Council agents team throughout the duration of their contract.