Find out what the parents of our students love about about our pre-school.

'Generally I am very pleased with the programmes, teachers and the school. I have seen my child grow more confident speaking in front of others and his language skills are very developed. I am impressed with some of the topics he's learning in class and it's really good exposure for him. It has been a good year and he is also happy to stay on with his class.' Tangie Wong

'The teachers are very passionate in what they do, and seek constant input from parents and converse with us as much as possible to keep us up-to-date with our child's progress and also seek improvement. They put in a lot of effort and it shows in their work. The children adore them, and that speaks volumes!' - Janette Tan

'Excellent teachers who are so nurturing and patient. My boy is looking forward to school everyday. Very clean and safe learning environment.' - Lim Yan Ping

'I would like to commend all teachers, teacher assistants, bus aunties and everyone involved with the school for making my child’s first year of attending school a positive and happy one! It speaks highly of the school and its teachers/programme when my child says that 'School is really good!' and 'I love going to school!'' - Nur Shaheda

'Love to drop off my child at school amidst all the smiling staff greeting us in the morning. Kids do their best in a happy environment. Thank you for working on that, we really appreciate all the hard work the teachers and all staff members put in with the children and their coursework.' - Megha Bahl