British Council Pre-school - Your child's day

Arrival and planning time/circle time

Promotes independence and allows children to discuss and plan their day. 

Directed activities

These are teacher directed activities including phonics, reading and writing, numeracy, Chinese, science, history, geography, storytelling, speech and drama. 

Small group activities

Free choice of activities including dramatic play, craft work or table work. 

Snack time

Reinforces self-help and social skills. Dining etiquette is also introduced. Children also learn about hygiene as they wash their hands before and after snacks. 

Large group activities

Promotes group play and cooperation amongst children. 

Indoor movement

Includes indoor playground, music and movement. 

Tidy-up time

We reinforce the need to be responsible for maintaining our environment. At the end of each activity we need to tidy up the class. It is also a good opportunity for children to learn to sort, categorise and cooperate with each other. 

Recall Time

A good time for your child to share with the adults and children what they have done for the day. It is also an opportunity for your child to speak in front of a group.