This workshop can be delivered face-to-face or online. 


Would you like to develop your customer handling skills so that you are able to exceed your customers’ expectations? Would you like to know how to put the customer at the centre of your work?

If so, this course will give you the tools that you need to drive consistently positive interactions As well as examining your customers’ journey and how to improve it, you will also practice key communication skills such as listening actively, using customer-focused language and dealing with complaints. You’ll discover how important your role is in delivering a great customer experience. 

This workshop is for you if ...

You work in a customer-facing role and would like to deliver service excellence. 


After taking this workshop you should be able to: 

  • map the customer journey and examine how it can be improved
  • practise techniques that focus on proactively seeking out and understanding customers’ needs and expectations
  • practise techniques that aid the management of customer complaints and recovery from service problems.

Workshop outline

Defining service excellence 

  • Exploring the key features of service excellence 
  • Identifying the link between an organisation’s values and service delivery. 
  • Understanding the role of service delivery in WOW brands 

Mapping the customer journey 

  • Identifying the benefits of customer journey mapping 
  • Analysing moments of truth 
  • Creating and evaluating a customer journey map 

Consistent customer service 

  • Building trust with customers through more consistent behaviour 
  • Analysing how customer service standards underpin customer experience 
  • Reviewing performance against these standards and setting goals 

Communicating with your customers 

  • Analysing the impact of body language, voice and language 
  • Using the 3 Vs of communication to create connection 
  • Understanding what makes an effective conversation 

Understanding customer needs 

  • Understanding the different levels of listening 
  • Demonstrating how to acknowledge others to achieve positive outcomes 
  • Using questions to understand and manage customer expectations 

Building rapport and trust with customers 

  • Identifying rapport building behaviours 
  • Refusing requests empathetically 
  • Using positive and customer focused language 

Retaining the customer 

  • Understanding the hidden value of complaints 
  • Identifying best practice in managing complaints 
  • Gaining back customer trust 

Service excellence in practice 

  • Analysing service interactions 
  • Evaluating customer service role-plays and setting goals 
  • Planning for successful service interactions

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Full-day workshop schedule

Face-to-face Public Training Dates 2021/2022
3-4 May 7-8 October 20-21 January