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We negotiate all the time. Whether it’s winning resources for our teams, asking our managers for time off or getting the best deal with a supplier, negotiation can help us to get the outcomes we want. 

This workshop will show you how to negotiate in a way that builds relationships and leaves both sides happy with the final result. Over the two days you will watch video clips, discuss real-life case studies and take part in a variety of role plays to immediately put your new skills into practice.

This workshop is for you if …

You need to negotiate with colleagues, customers or suppliers.


After taking this workshop you should be able to:

  • apply a systematic approach to having a negotiation
  • achieve ‘win-win’ outcomes by collaborating with your negotiating partners
  • feel more confident when negotiating

Workshop outline

Negotiation fundamentals

  • What is a negotiation?
  • Qualities of effective negotiators 
  • Bargaining vs trading
  • Negotiating styles
  • A negotiating process

Preparing for your negotiation

  • Understanding positions and interests
  • Giving value to your interests
  • Deciding on your ideal outcome, bottom line and BATNA
  • Establishing criteria for fairness

Opening your negotiation

  • Laying the foundations 
  • Effective questioning – opening up 
  • Negotiating across cultures 

Having a negotiation

  • Generating options
  • Persuading others
  • Reading body language
  • The power of listening
  • Overcoming blocks in a negotiation

Making a decision

  • Effective questioning – closing down 
  • Gaining their commitment 
  • Closing the deal 

Bringing it all together

  • Negotiation role plays 
  • Self-reflection and action plan

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Full-day workshop schedule

Face-to-face Public training dates 2021/2022
20-21 December 2021 7-8 March 2022  
Face-to-face Public training dates 2022/2023
25-26 April 13-14 June  22-23 August
3-4 November 2022 6-7 March 2023