Cooler Lumpur Festival (June 2015)

Cooler Lumpur Festival 2015

The Cooler Lumpur Festival 2015 took place over 12-14 June 2015 at Publika shopping mall, Kuala Lumpur, with a new theme: Dangerous Ideas. The tagline of the theme was “Great ideas are at the root of all human progress. Dangerous ideas change the world.” 

The theme allowed us to explore some of the more critical issues facing the world today: censorship, freedom of expression, gender issues, universality and more. On these bases, we invited one Burmese and four UK based writers to Kuala Lumpur, to take part in the festival: British science fiction writers Ian McDonald and James Smythe; Sarah Churchwell; theatre critic Kate Bassett; and Burmese writer and former political prisoner Leytar Tun. 

Cooler Lumpur Festival 2014

In 2014 the British Council Malaysia worked together with British Council colleagues in the region on the Cooler Lumpur Festival 2014 which will took place over the weekend of Friday 20 – Sunday 22 June 2014 at Publika shopping mall, Kuala Lumpur. The theme was #Fast: thinking about the future, and the fastest way to get there. At Cooler Lumpur Festival, participants explored how to move culture forward by championing young upcoming talent, by getting society attuned to its creative side, by mashing together literature, art, music, and innovation, and by doing it at the speed of thought. 

The British Council supported writers from the region and the UK to participate in the festival and actively contribute to the content of the festival.

About Cooler Lumpur Festival

Established in Kuala Lumpur in 2013 with the inaugural theme #Word, Cooler Lumpur Festival is a platform that aims to bring together writers, artists, musicians and thinkers from across the globe to create new connections, share and spread new ideas, and serve as a catalyst to our cultural conversation.

Powered by writers, thinkers, artists and musicians, Cooler Lumpur Festival is a gathering that aims to challenge people to grapple with ideas and issues that confront society. This is relevant because building dialogue is the hallmark of any great society.

The Cooler Lumpur Festival falls into British Council efforts for cultural relations or building trust between UK and Malaysia, as well as connecting the sector with the British Council’s presence in other countries in the East Asia region.