Cultural Leadership: The Asian Way (July 2013)

Held at the Asia Society Hong Kong Center in 25-27 July 2013, the Cultural Leadership Summit was a major event led by the British Council for reconceptualising approaches to cultural leadership in Asia, especially for those countries lacking cultural policies, infrastructure and cultural organisations existing in other regions.

The event pointed to an urgent requirement to develop research and advocacy tools, while a series of forums and experiential learning opportunities were also recommended.

The British Council worked together with the Clore Leadership programme in the UK, the Advanced Cultural Leadership Programme at The University of Hong Kong, Asia Society Hong Kong Center, as well as a range of partners in the East Asia region to bring the Cultural Leadership to Hong Kong.  This partnership enabled the British Council to invite cultural leaders from Asia and the UK to discuss how the value of culture is perceived in Asia, what the immediate challenges are for the cultural sector in the region, and how cultural leadership can be nurtured locally.