Video: Jacqueline Chung, Senior Principal, St. James’ Church

ELEVATE StartWell™ Challenge: Jacqueline Chung, Senior Principal of St. James’ Church Kindergarten

The ELEVATE StartWell™ Challenge, presented by the British Council in partnership with the Lien Foundation, is focused on developing innovative new concepts to improve early childhood (0-8 years) play. Jacqueline Chung of St. James’ Church Kindergarten, Singapore, shares her thoughts on play and early childhood by addressing the following questions:

  • What are some of the challenges facing children 0-8 years across Asia in the 21st century that have led to the call for this kind of challenge?
  • What are some of the behaviours you see when kids create play scenarios together? How do they differ from some of the assumptions awe make about what kids want or need?
  • What do you think applicants should keep in mind when creating new spaces or concepts for kids aged 0-8 years?
  • Can you give some examples where these solutions might be useful, such as in particular Asian cities or contexts?
  • Do you have any reference points for particularly innovative examples of play spaces or concepts you might like to share or direct people to?