Partner South East Asia was a series of online forums presented by the British Council which provided more than 800 participants across four days with a better understanding and knowledge of the arts and culture ecosystems of Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, and Viet Nam.  

Providing opportunities, contents, and contexts to make new connections between South East Asian and UK arts and culture stakeholders, Partner South East Asia featured the following through the external platform Hopin: 

  • Opening session including a keynote speech on the potential of South East Asia’s creative economy followed by an artist panel discussion (75 mins)
  • Five dedicated country briefing sessions (90 mins each)
  • Three thematic sessions covering the creative economy, arts and inclusion and climate change and cultural rights (60 mins each)
  • Dedicated networking functions for meeting counterparts for future collaborations (throughout the event)
  • Showreels of artistic collaborations between artists and creative professionals from the UK and South East Asia
  • Over 70 inspiring speakers from the UK and South East Asia 

Below are videos, resources, and highlights from the Partner South East Asia event that we hope can help you learn more about contemporary South East Asia-UK arts and cultural exchanges.

Thematic 1: Creative Economy: How Networks Shape Creative Ecosystems

This session demonstrates the significance of networks in building stronger and more inclusive creative economies – with a twist! Set as an imagined dinner party, the conversations are about stories of impact generated through networks, from the points of view of creative hubs, creative entrepreneurs, and cities. 

Watch here:

Thematic 2: Climate Change: What Does it Mean for Arts and Cultural Rights?

The session unpacks the impact of climate change on our cultural rights, asking questions such as what is at stake and what role can arts and culture play in the fight against climate change? We will listen to artists and activists’ voices from diverse backgrounds and discuss how sustainability is reflected through their artistic practice. 

We share projects and case studies of artistic collaborations that will demonstrate the role and place of the arts in the fight against climate change. 

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Thematic 3: Arts for All?

The session focuses on the Arts and Inclusion agenda under the concept “Arts for All?”, which is to question and challenge the current status of Arts and Inclusion in South East Asia. It will start with a broad overview by a keynote speaker to be followed by presentations from South East Asian speakers who will reflect on their inclusion journey, looking at issues, success stories, and challenges. The speakers will later engage in a panel discussion led by Dr Alice Fox to explore what needs to be improved in order to make arts more inclusive for South East Asia. 

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Networking Session

Connections That Count (Intro):

Extra Networking session video ad created by PH team:

Malaysia session

Country session:

Country showreel:

Myanmar session

Philippines session

Thailand session

Viet Nam session

These reports and quotations from Partner SEA speakers, attendees, and journalists round out the possibilities and impacts of the event.