Customised business courses

All of the Professional Development Centre's courses can be specifically tailored to your organisational's needs, both in content and duration.

The goal is to blend training with organisational objectives and company-specific discussion topics, case studies, documents and activities. 

Customisation makes it easier for your staff to see a direct relationship between course content and their own experience and eases the transfer of their learning back to the workplace.

Examples of customisation:

  • Presentation skills for advertising professionals
  • Telephone skills for call centre staff
  • Customer service for cabin crew
  • Writing management papers for technical staff
  • Serving your internal customers better

Programme Design

We can also design a completely new programme for your organisation if you have special needs. This is done in close consultation with all stakeholders in your organisation using meetings, focus groups and questionnaires to ensure programme meets your business objectives.

Post-course report and presentation

A consultant can prepare a report  and presentation on what was learned during the training event/workshop, such as:

  • The barriers to change, learning and organisational effectiveness identified by participants
  • Recommendations on how to overcome barriers to change
  • Skills gaps revealed by participants during the training.

Please call +65 6807 1599 to discuss the many customisation options available.