Five Executives in suits

All of the Professional Development Centre's courses can be specifically tailored to your organisational's needs, both in content and duration.

The goal is to blend training with organisational objectives and company-specific discussion topics, case studies, documents and activities. 

Programme Design 

We can design a programme for your organisation to suit your needs. This is done in close consultation with all stakeholders to ensure the programme meets your business objectives.

Digital Learning

Online workshops

The Professional Development Centre’s (PDC) online workshops can be customised and delivered from zero to 100 per cent online depending your organisation’s needs. We use a range of video conferencing tools to deliver online sessions globally for our group workshops. We maintain the interactivity of our face-to-face training and have designed our virtual sessions to keep online learners engaged. The courses contain interactive content, articles, videos and polls. In breakout sessions participants share their ideas with one another and these discussions are moderated by our trainers.

Blended learning

The Professional Development Centre (PDC) offers blended online courses and provides support and consultancy in digital workplace learning. We offer flexible delivery in time, place, path and pace of learning using digital technologies, e-learning principles and blended learning models.

Contact us to find out how we can help you in the world of digital learning. Our objective is to create a personalised and interactive learning experience for you and your organisation.