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A UK education enables you to become the most confident, most promising, most prepared version of yourself. But if you have commitments that prevent you from relocating to the UK itself, or are looking for excellent value for money, you could still transform your life and career prospects with a Transnational degree.

Provided in English by 142 UK universities, and in 226 countries and territories worldwide, these degrees are your opportunity to benefit from the same rich academic traditions as your peers in the UK. You’ll learn from exactly the same cutting-edge teaching practices, and receive the same encouragement to think independently, be creative and truly grow as an individual.

Perhaps most importantly, you will gain precisely the same qualification as students in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. That’s because your degree will be designed, quality-assured and directly awarded by one of the UK’s highly respected universities.

In fact, the only difference between you and your peers in the UK is that you’ll be studying in a location which better suits you, your circumstances and your personal ambitions.

In 2019, around 50,000 international students studied for a UK Transnational Education (TNE) qualification in Singapore. Overall, there are more than 1,000 UK qualifications available to study with over 55 UK Universities offering their programmes in partnership with Private Education Institutions (PEIs) in Singapore.  This makes Singapore one of the top 3 destinations for studying UK qualifications in-country.

There are a number of different ways to study:

  • through online/distance learning courses
  • through overseas campuses of UK universities
  • through international partnership programmes.

By researching your options, you are sure to find the right course from the huge array of options available to you!

Throughout the year, the British Council also hosts a variety of exhibitions, fairs and events where you can:

  • Meet representatives from UK schools, colleges and universities and find out about their courses 
  • Get advice on preparing for further studies
  • Meet current students or alumni and find out about their experiences
  • Attend lectures and seminars on topics of global significance

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