We run high-impact engagement projects and social development programmes with a strong educational and creative flavour. These usually involve a mix of events, exchanges, media content, campaigns, competitions and training.

We normally bring in an element of UK-based expertise or creativity but above all, we aim to work with and nurture local talent.

Developing skills

In partnership with the English football Premier League, we run the Premier Skills programme around the world. 

Premier Skills provides week-long courses to help young people become multi-skilled community coaches, developing their skills in football coaching, community leadership and English language, in order to improve their employment and life chances. 

Premier Skills has developed into the Premier League's flagship international development football programme.

Developing champions and inclusion

International Climate Champions programme

Our International Climate Champions programme engages young people as communicators and project leaders in 60 countries, to help them influence and educate their peers and the general public on the urgency of climate change.

We organise training for the programme participants with some of the UK's leading environmental journalists. We also facilitate trips so that they can observe the effects of climate change first-hand and go on inspirational visits to organisations already working in the field so that they can develop their knowledge of the area and project ideas. 

International Inspiration partnership

Our International Inspiration partnership is a worldwide legacy programme of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. We work directly with teachers to enhance their skills in delivering high-quality, inclusive physical education to young people.

We also train young people to become 'young leaders' who go on to organise sports festivals and other events in their local community, increasing the benefits of physical education and sport to children, many of whom have had no access to any significant sport activity in their lives.

Developing identity

Young people represent more than half the population of many countries in the world, but are rarely consulted or involved in decision-making processes.

In partnership with a range of organisations, including Voluntary Service Overseas, the Prince's Trust and the Tutu Foundation, we run the Active Citizens programme, which builds international youth networks so that participants can share their ideas, knowledge and experiences in order to develop new relationships and understand their roles as global citizens.

The programme also develops youth-led social action projects, where young people address their own priorities and involve people of all generations to make a positive difference to their communities.

Finally, Active Citizens facilitates policy dialogue to stimulate debate about active citizenship and policy and practice concerning young people at national, local and community levels.

Building exchange

In partnership with Voluntary Service Overseas, our Global Xchange programme gives groups of young people between 18 and 25 the opportunity to participate in exchanges between the UK and other countries.

The programme participants represent the diversity of their countries and communities, and get to live and work for three months in each other's country while being hosted by their respective families and communities.

These young volunteers have the opportunity to learn more about themselves and each other, and work together on local projects that will realise positive change and tangible benefits for the communities in both countries.

Building knowledge

In 2009 we ran the Darwin Now programme as part of the worldwide Charles Darwin anniversary celebrations, working in partnership with many organisations including the BBC, the Wellcome Trust and the Open University.

We provided opportunities for people to explore the scientific legacy of evolution, which has had a lasting impact in debates on the role of science and religion in society today.

This multi-disciplinary programme provided access to unprejudiced information on evolutionary science through a variety of different activities including debates, conferences, exhibitions and digital resources, all of which created spaces for open dialogue and exchange.

This inclusive approach allowed for honest discussions and the sharing of ideas between different cultures, which crossed established boundaries and allowed people to engage freely with the subject matter, also offering them a chance to reflect on new, forward-looking perspectives and new voices in an otherwise entrenched debate.

Sharing creativity

We run a range of global programmes in the arts in order to promote creativity and the development of the creative industries.

For example, working with the European Commission and local government in participating countries, our Creative and Open Cities programme engages young people in generating ideas and solutions around current and future issues of population, economic sustainability, quality of life, urban planning and the environment.

The programme involves leading UK artists taking part in workshops with the young participants to showcase the best of UK creative industries.

Finally, we run international competitions in the related fields in order to encourage cultures of creativity.

Sharing education and access

We have a range of global education programmes which offer access to new learning opportunities through UK education.

We manage scholarships with many different funding agencies, including the UK government's Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) and the European Commission, so that individuals can study and experience life in the UK.

Through our offices around the world, we offer access to face-to-face English language development courses, English language qualifications and online resources for the development of English Language Teaching (ELT) worldwide.

We offer programmes where individuals have the opportunity to be placed in professional environments to develop their knowledge, skills and professional competencies from industry-leading expertise.

Sharing innovation

Working in partnership with the World Bank, the United Nations Development Programme, the Eurasia Foundation and many others, our Skills for Social Entrepreneurs programme identifies leading innovators within local communities and gives them the opportunity to address wider social challenges by way of establishing sustainable business relationships and networks.

Through these relationships, the programme participants have the support and means to share experience and best practice in order to help them better implement their ideas in addressing the social, economic and environmental challenges faced in their communities.

The success of their social enterprises is ultimately shared with the international network of innovators and the benefits of these new solutions are made available to a global audience.