Registration for University of London (UOL) Exams Summer Session 2024

IMPORTANT: Read the "How to Register" guide document at the bottom of the page before registering for the exam.

Students for the UOL International Programmes can register with the British Council here to sit for exams in Singapore for Summer Session 2024.

Welcome to the British Council’s registration and payment system for University of London exams. The following guidance is important. Adhering to it will ensure you receive your Validation Code within two working days.

Required information and important of accuracy:

  • Please ensure you provide your nine-digit numerical Student Registration Number (SRN No.) along with the correct details of the exam modules you have selected during University of London Assessment Entry. This information is necessary for us to accurately match your British Council registration with your University of London Assessment Entry. Failure to provide accurate data may result in the British Council being unable to issue a Validation Code. In such cases, we will email you with further guidance.
  • Kindly provide First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY), Email address and Contact number. Please ensure this information matches the data held by the University of London. Accurate data is essential to enable the British Council to effectively match your registration with the Assessment Entry provided by the University of London.
  • Please ensure to enter “Individual” as Institute Name when making your entries if you are a private student.


  • Please ensure to enter “SIM” as Institute Name when making your entries if you are a student of SIM/UOL.

Opting for online payment will expedite the processing of your registration. You will receive confirmation of your registration upon successful processing of your online payment.

If you exit the system before completing the online payment, you will receive an email with a link to complete your entry within 48 hours. Failure to do so within 48 hours will require you to start the process again.

Please use the email address registered with the University of London for correspondence. The British Council will send all further communications, including your Validation Code and subsequent exam confirmation details to the e-mail address associated with your University of London registration.

Reasons why it might take more than two working days to provide a Validation Code:

  • The British Council may encounter difficulty matching the provided SRN No. and / or the selected Exam Module(s) to your University of London Assessment Entry. In such cases, the British Council will provide guidance on the next steps.
  • If your online payment was unsuccessful, you will have received an automated email at the email address provided during the British Council registration process with a link to access and complete payment.
  • If you have opted for an offline payment, the Validation Code will only be issued once the payment has been received by the British Council.
  • Please note that the University of London does not accept Validation Codes from previous exam sessions. Therefore, you must complete your British Council registration and payment to receive a new Validation Code before proceeding with your University of London Assessment Entry and exam.

British Council registration opens at 08.00 on 5 February 2024 and closes at midnight on 28 February 2024. Exam seats allocations are based on a first come first served basis by the British Council. While the British Council guarantees you an exam seat, it cannot guarantee whether it will be a morning or afternoon sitting. If demand is exceptionally high, the British Council may request the University of London to arrange an additional sitting on another date (usually the following day).

The British Council Refund Policy is available on the EventsForce, where you will have the opportunity to review and accept it before proceeding with your registration.

Late Registration

British Council Late Registration begins at 08.00 on 15 March 2024 and ends at midnight on 27th March 2024.

When to contact at the British Council

Please only contact your local British Council office if:

  • You encounter issues accessing the British Council Registration and Payment system.
  • You face difficulties making online or offline payments.
  • Any information emailed to you by the British Council is unclear.

For all other enquiries, please direct them to the University of London through their usual channel.

Please confirm that you have read and understood the above information before proceeding with your British Council Registration and Payment to receive your Validation Code.

Registration Dates & Fees* 

Registration Period  
15 March 2024 to 27 March 2024 (GMT +8) $203 (incl. GST) per module

You may write to us at for further enquiries.