Decide when and how your team learn. All of the British Council’s courses can be specifically tailored to your organisational needs, both in content and duration. These courses are designed in partnership with your specific needs. 

Flexible delivery

With the option for face-to-face or online delivery, choose what works best for your organisation. Participants have flexibility to join a workshop from any location. 


Our workshops use the latest training and facilitation methods to help groups learn and work together effectively. This means that your staff will be engaged, challenged and stimulated to learn more and do more. They will also benefit from their trainer’s extensive subject knowledge. 

Personalised support

We engage multiple learning styles to encourage retention. Post-programme support reinforces learning, encourages continued development and ensures accountability, positively impacting individuals, teams and organisations.

Special Lunar New Year 10% discount for all students registering for our 1:1/Small Group private lessons and 20% discount for a 40-hour package. Book your free trial class now!

Choose the right customised programme