About this course

What are the sub-skills involved when secondary school students engage with reading activities?

Do you know how to integrate reading with language work and how to exploit the use of authentic texts? How could you help your students become ‘readers for life’?

Find out the answers to these and much more in our new 10-hour comprehensive module.

Level: Specialist Module - Secondary Award

In this module, you will cover the following topics:

  • Reading: The Hidden Cognition
  • Reading to Learn: Reading Across the Curriculum
  • Deep Reading: Connecting the Reader and the Text
  • Text Types and Structures: The Building Blocks of Reading
  • Readers for Life: Motivating Extensive Reading

By the end of this module you will have:

  •  developed an awareness of the role of the reading process in learning
  • considered the thought processes involved during reading and gained an understanding of the challenges that students face as readers in the subject areas
  • explored the sub-skills of reading, including summarising and making inferences
  • examined text types and structures and appreciated how making connections supports deeper reading of texts
  • participated in model lessons and experienced a range of techniques for motivating reading
  • practised techniques for explicitly teaching reading skills

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