1. Comprehension Strategies 

Our new upper primary course features a rich variety of challenging fiction and non-fiction texts. Through these texts, your child will learn reading strategies including scanning for specific information and making predictions. This helps students develop inferencing skills as well as vocabulary, which are crucial elements to do well in comprehension tasks. Your child will also have the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of quality authors, building his general knowledge and developing critical thinking skills for better comprehension grades. 

2. Composition Techniques

A key focus of the new English course, students will learn the best techniques and develop their composition skills to help them achieve better composition grades.

Your child will have the opportunity to practise a range of MOE composition text types such as personal recount, narrative, factual recount, information report and letter. In addition, dedicated lessons are set aside for your child to receive feedback from the teacher and he will also be given the chance to rewrite and improve his compositions based on this feedback.  

3. Exam Practice 

As your child progresses to Primary 4 and Primary 5, the need to prepare for the PSLE increases. Our courses support students with regular practice in PSLE-style exam questions with our assessment book developed by an MOE expert. 

4. Challenging Tasks

General knowledge is the key to excelling in various components of the English examination. Our courses will help your child achieve deeper knowledge of home and international topics and apply this knowledge to writing, reading and oral tasks.

5. Feedback

Feedback is an important element in your child's academic progress and this is a crucial part of our new English course. With regular, dedicated feedback from the teacher, your child will be able to reflect on his learning, make targeted improvements and set new goals.